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Delhi Sightseeing Places

Delhi Sightseeing Places

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Delhi Sightseeing Places

Delhi Sightseeing Places Tour Packages

Delhi is a popular holiday destination. Standing out among other cities in India as the capital, Delhi also excels at its tourism. In this city, you can enjoy the perfect mix of modernity and history. With our sightseeing tour packages for Delhi, we hope you’ll have an enjoyable time exploring the cultural hub that it is.

Delhi is home to some of the best tourist sights in the world. From famous architectural achievements and exquisite gardens to centuries-old temples and glorious monuments, there’s never a dull moment when you’re in Town. A Delhi city tour isn’t complete without exploring its plentiful tourist attractions.

For a day or two on your Delhi travel itinerary, take a tour and explore the best of this amazing city.

For people who are in Delhi only for a brief stay while they travel onward, there are still plenty of great weekend destinations near Delhi. Take some time out of your busy schedule and enjoy the amazing sightseeing this city has to offer.

Easily spend time at your favorite Delhi tourist attractions without having to stress about details like booking and arranging transportation on our custom designed Delhi Local Sightseeing Tour.

It can be hard to find the time in a busy day to explore tourist attractions-especially if you’re traveling. Booking Delhi local tours is a great way to save time and money while also visiting the important sites.

Delhi is a stunning city that has some of the most incredible architecture, beautiful gardens and amazing museums. Our Delhi tours are enjoyable and also educational for travelers. There are many tourism sites to explore, so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs.

Delhi Sightseeing Places

Jama Masjid

One of the most popular places to visit in Delhi is the Jama Masjid. Completed in 1650, it has 6 minarets inside the mosque, making it one of the most colossal structures in India. Constructed with a combination of white marble and sandstone, it’s an architectural masterpiece that should not be missed during your time exploring Delhi.

Lotus Temple

The Lotus Temple is one of Delhi’s most popular sites, a sacred place dedicated to the idea of Unity. It promotes harmony among different religions and is known for its unique design and stunning architecture. Every year, tourists come from all over the world to visit this special site.

Delhi Sightseeing Places

Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar was constructed by Qutub-ud-din Aibak and is a popular tourist attraction in Delhi. This minaret of 5 storeys, was completed by Iltutmish and later reconstructed to the top by Firoz Shah Tughlaq. As a symbol of victory, this minaret presents the city’s history as it had been said close to the Sultanate’s heart.

Delhi Sightseeing Places

The India Gate

The India Gate was designed in the honor of the British Indian Army soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the First World War. It was later dedicated to the country by Lord Irwin, and is near Rajpath. The building consists of another important structure called  Amar Jawan Jyoti, or The Burning Soldier. It was built on a black marble plinth with a reversed L1A1 Self-loading rifle at the top, and four permanent urns on its sides.

Delhi Sightseeing Places

The Red Fort

The Red Fort is one of three UNESCO sites in Delhi and was originally built during the Mughal era. The monument’s stunning, red sandstone construction makes it alluring both during the day and at nighttime under light and sound show. This fort features many attractions such as, Rang Mahal, Naubat Khana, Mumtaz Mahal, Nahr-i-Bihisht Diwan-i-Khas, Diwan-i-Aam and Khas Mahal. Located in the center of Chandni Chowk market place, this fort is considered a popular sightseeing attraction

Delhi Sightseeing Places


The Akshardham Temple was opened in 2005 by BAPS. This temple was built with 8,000 volunteers and is another site to visit on your Delhi City Tour Packages. This temple is inspired by HH Yogiji Maharaj, who promoted peace and compassion. The temple was built out of marble and sandstone and has been recognized as the World’s Largest Comprehensive Hindu Temple with the Guinness World Record. The spacious gardens, courtyards styled like a step well, various water bodies, and tranquil atmosphere all contribute to the serenity of this destination.

Delhi Sightseeing Places

Humayun's Tomb

Construction of Humayun’s Tomb began in 1565 and was completed in 1572. The mausoleum was built by Hamida Banu Begum, who was the widow of Humayun. This historical Mughal architecture is recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site, which makes it a popular tourist attraction in Delhi. With its double-domed design and Persian-style exterior, the mausoleum stands 42.5 metres tall and is surrounded by garden squares with water pathways inside them.

Rashtrapati Bhavan

Previously known as Viceroy’s House, Rashtrapati Bhavan is without a doubt one of the most sought-after places to visit when on a Delhi tour. Built in 1929 by Sir Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker, this ancient structure still stands strong and boasts of amazing architecture. It also happens to be the home of the Indian President. Covering 330 acres, the building houses Mughal gardens, 340 rooms on four floors of the main building, a state-of-the-art Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum Complex, varied kinds of exquisite flora, etc. It can be found at Rajpath.