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Sunrise Taj Mahal Tour By car

Sunrise tajmahal tour by car

Sunrise Taj Mahal Tour By car

The Taj Mahal is a world-class attraction and it’s no wonder people want to see this marvel of architecture at its best. For those looking for an experience outside the standard tour, we’ve planned our Sunrise Tour which includes travel arrangements as well so that you can come upon Agra cultural aspects while exploring India!

Sunrise Taj Mahal Tour By Car from Delhi

For this program, if you’re staying in Agra hotel we will pick you up half an hour before sunrise. But those who stay at Delhi’s posh venues need to be a little earlier – almost 3 ½ hours ahead of schedule! Our expert-driven tour guide is well versed in English so he can welcome and translate text into Hindi or any other Indian dialect that suits your needs for seeing all there is to see inside India’s most famous monument: The Taj Mahal.

✅ Sunrise tour by car for Taj Mahal

  • Your tour guide will show you how to get in and out of the parking lot with ease while avoiding any prohibited items. You’ll also be given a list that is tailored specifically for this location’s security procedures so it can’t hurt either!
  • The tour guide would first show you the sunrise at Taj from various angles and help take some best pictures. After explanations, he or she will lead all of your queries away with an impressive demonstration inside rain cenotaphs where there are numerous tombs for Emperor Shah Jahan (the builder) as well his wife Mumtaz Mahal who was responsible for creating such magnificent craftsmanship in marble filigrees; it’s hard not be amazed when looking upon their work!
  • After the Taj Mahal sunrise, you are driven to Agra Fort. You can also visit this major highlight while there! After you tour India’s most famous landmark (and UNESCO World Heritage site) our guides will take us on a walking tour through old city streets that wind around buildings built centuries ago; we’ll see some small monuments alongside artifacts from times gone by such as artwork made using wood or leather techniques – all things which make up what people call “Agriculture Artisan Culture”. Ending

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